Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yeah..menang 1st prize

Yeah...syoknye menang. Yang paling best dapat 1st prize lagi. Dapatla 6,000 point dan boleh redeem barang dari website Dutchlady. Bolehla redeem susu untuk Haziq. Jimat belanja.....

(Copy dari website Dutchlady)

The winners of our 'Mom-Get-Mom' contest held during 20 August 2008 – 20 October 2008have been announced! Congratulations to the names listed below, and thank you to all participants for making this contest a success. Let’s continue to redeem exciting products with our Reward Points!

Grand Prize – 6,000 Reward Points :
Name: Noor Aisah Binti Ahmad
I/C No: 781018-07-XXXX

Second Prize – 2,000 Reward Points :
Jessica Tan Ching Woen 810822-05-XXXX
Ngan Chui Mooi 750829-10-XXXX
Ng Ming Choo 770221-11-XXXX

Third Prize – 600 Reward Points :
Noor Saliza Binti Razali 780409-05-XXXX
Ayu Rafikah Binti Mohd Amin 780312-03-XXXX
Leong Pooi See 710103-10-XXXX
Tiew Lay Yoong 821122-10-XXXX
Abidah Binti Mohd Pawaid 780630-08-XXXX
Noreehan Bt Mohamad Kassim 770727-10-XXXX
Lau Lai Lai 730505-08-XXXX
Aniza Binti Daud 750118-07-XXXX
Choh Poh Lian 820728-10-XXXX
Marlisa Binti Abdullah 820612-06-XXXX