Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Story and photos by JEREMY TAN

BABYWEARING doesn’t only make it easier and safer for parents to carry their little ones around, but it also fosters a closer bond between parent and child.

The Malaysian Babywearers, a local non-profit group, highligh-ted the new trend during a recent fashion show at the Little Penang Street Market to promote the benefits of ‘wearing’ one’s baby.

Its president Jess Tang explained that babywearing involved the carrying of one’s baby close to the body in a sling or some form of carrier, making it more convenient for one to go places with their young children as opposed to pushing them around in a pram.

“Besides, in a pram, the baby would only be able to see things close to the ground. By ‘wearing’ them, parents allow their babies to see the world from their point of view, at the same time giving the babies some sense of security and fostering a deeper bond between the two.” she said.

“The theme for this year’s International Babywearing Week — Close Enough to Kiss — illustrates the benefits of babywearing, they’re so close that you can just tilt your head down and kiss the baby anytime,” Tang added.

Deborah Christiansen-Lee from England was among the ‘models’ who paraded around the street market while wearing her baby, two-year-old Jack. With four-year-old Oscar by her side, wea-ring the younger sibling makes it easier for her to go about her daily routine, including shopping.

“The pavements in Penang aren’t very conducive for the use of prams and strollers, as they’re quite bumpy or inaccessible.

“So it’s a lot easier to wear the baby, which also provides warmth to him or her and allows them to get comfy and cosy,” she explained.

Earlier, Organic 5, a group set up by enthusiastic mothers with a passion for organic and baby-friendly items, delighted the crowd with an Organic Fashion Show where their young children strutted around in outfits made from organic cotton.

The young ones drew some chuckles with their adorable antics, unfazed by the attention focused upon them. Clad in outfits with earthy colours — a homage to mother Earth — they waved and curtsied to the crowd.

“Our philosophy is to introduce products that we, ourselves, believe in and promote wholesome healthy living, especially for the young ones. In short, we focus on the family to have vitality in health and be environmentally friendly,” said Nora Beh, one of the founders.

She explained that children wearing organic clothing find it more comfortable as its natural fibres provide a more airy feel.

Note: Diambil dari The Star, Sabtu, 3 Oktober 3009

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